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Pinot Bianco

Winemaker: Cantina Villa Sobrano

white wine bottle

The wine "Pinot Bianco" is a Pinot bianco, for sure one of the most interesting wines of the producer Cantina Villa Sobrano. The winemaking company Cantina Villa Sobrano is located in one of the most beautiful wine areas of the Italian province of Perugia and of the wine region Umbria. The wine “Pinot Bianco” of Cantina Villa Sobrano as a Pinot bianco, is characterized by its original and intriguing tasting profile. The wine "Pinot Bianco" of Cantina Villa Sobrano is a white, Still wine and dry wine, produced with grape varieties, as a wine-style belonging to the appellation. The winemaker Cantina Villa Sobrano has been included in the Quattrocalici Wine Guide as one of the most interesting cellars in the Italian province of Perugia. The area in which Cantina Villa Sobrano is located is traditionally and historically suited to winemaking, and here smooth, perfumed wines of great character are produced. The large number of aknowledgments and awards tributed to the winemakers of the Perugia province convinced them to invest additional resources in the territory, aiming to further increase the quality of the wines and win new markets worldwide. The wines of Cantina Villa Sobrano as the Pinot bianco “Pinot Bianco”, are characterized by proper alcohol and sugar content and good fixed acidity, fineness of aromas and persistence. Cantina Villa Sobrano produces around 4500 bottles of the wine "Pinot Bianco", making this one of the most important wines among the production range the producer brings to the market.

Pinot Bianco(Cantina Villa Sobrano) - Wine Details

Wine type:Pinot bianco
Wine color:white
Wine style:Still wine
Wine sweetness:dry
Bottle size:0.75
Production (bottles/year):4500
Price range$
Wine region:Umbria

Pinot Bianco(Cantina Villa Sobrano) - Producer details

Cantina Villa Sobrano
Vocabolo Sobrano, 33 - Fraz. Rosceto - 9041 Todi (Perugia)