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Veneto wines

Table of Contents for the Veneto Region

The Veneto Wine Region

The territory and the wines of Veneto

In Veneto there are large mountains, alpine and pre-alpine ranges, extensive hill areas and an extensive flat area that covers almost 60% of the total surface of the region. The mountainous area covers 26% of the reason, while the hilly areas represent 14%. The presence of the mountain ranges and the vast plain area means create considerable temperature variations between summer and winter, which are mitigated near Garda Lake and in the coastal and flat area, particularly during the torrid summer season. Veneto contends the place as the first Italian region in terms of wine production (by volume). Among the wines produced in Veneto, worldwide famous are Amarone, Recioto, Soave, Prosecco, Valpolicella and Bardolino. One of the reasons for the great success of Veneto in the enological field is its heritage of native varieties, among which the white berry Garganega, Trebbiano di Soave and Glera and with black berry Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara and Raboso. The other reason is the territorial diversity, with areas characterized by alluvial or volcanic soils, with hilly or flat areas, which allow the production of wines of different types, from light and drinkable to more bodied and demanding ones.

Viticulture in Veneto

Veneto is the leading wine producer region in Italy in terms of quantity. Its vineyards cover an area of ​​over 185,000 acres, 60% of which in the plains and 40% in the hills, with a limited percentage of mountain viticulture. In such a multifaceted landscape even the vine-growing methods follow in part the tradition (Pergola Trentina or VeroneseBelussi in the Venice and Treviso provinces and  Capuccina in the Valdobbiadene area), while all most modern vineyards use Sylvoz and Casarsa.

The History of Viticulture in the Veneto region

The presence of vines in Veneto dates back to pre-Roman times even if only from the seventh century BC the first written quotations are available on the wines of this area, made by, among others, Columella and Pliny the Elder. The Acinatico was the passito of the Romans, ancestor of Recioto (of Soave, Gambellara and Valpolicella). After the barbaric invasions, viticulture in Veneto came to a stand until the rise of the commercial power of Venice, which on the one hand allowed the export of Venetian wines to other countries, but on the other also the import of wines coming from distant countries, like Greece and Cyprus. In the middle of the 1500s the wines from the areas of ​​Treviso, Vicenza and Valpolicella started to become famous. The first studies about the characteristics of the land and the grape varieties that best suited it date back to the 1800s. Towards the middle of the 1800s, oidium, followed by peronospora and finally phylloxera meant another dark era for  viticulture in Veneto. Those hard times also laid the foundations for the following rebirth of viticulture, even if the real recovery of enology began in Veneto only after 1950 and growers began to understand the strategic importance of quality, a process that gave the first results over the years ’90 and still continues today.

The grape varieties of the Veneto region

Moving from east to west, the areas of ​​Colline del Garda Veronese and Valpolicella are characterized by the cultivation of black berry grapes such as Corvina, Rondinella and Molilnara, from which Bardolino and Valpolicella wines are made. Across the provinces of Verona and Mantua the area of Lugana, a white wine made from  Trebbiano di Soave grape, locally known as Turbiana or Trebbiano di Lugana. Between the Lessini Mountains and the Berici Hills the Soave and Gambellara areas, known for white wines made from Garganega grapes. The Berici Hills are known for the red wines, from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tocai Rosso grapes. The latter is genetically close to Cannonau or Grenache. The foothill area of ​​the Vicenza is also known for the native variety Vespaiola and the Torcolato di Breganze sweet wine. In the Padova province on the Euganean Hills, mainly international red grapes and Moscato giallo, with Moscato Fiori d’Arancio DOCG sweet sparkling wine. Tn the southern flat area the Friularo grpae, local name for Raboso Piave, typical of the Treviso province. Treviso is also the original wine area for ​​Prosecco (a grape named now Glera), the most important Italian sparkling wine district, nowadays covering almost the whole north-eastern Italy.

The wine production areas in Veneto


The most famous red wines in the Veneto are those from Valpolicella, first of all Amarone. Amarone is produced with dried grapes of the Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes, same as for Recioto. Unlike Recioto, however, Amarone is a dry wine. Amarone can be considered a wine derived from Recioto, where the fermentation was total, leaving only slight residual sugars. The technique of “ripasso” is used to give more body and softness to red Valpolicella. It consists in “repassing” the Valpolicella wine in the marc of Recioto or Amarone, so that the fermentation starts again, giving the wine more structure and aromas.

Conegliano-Valdobbiadene and Montello-Colli Asolani

Conegliano-Valdobbiadene area and Montello-Colli Asolani area are worldwide famous for the production of Prosecco. The name was once referred to the grape variety but today it indicates a protected designation of origin (PDO) wine, while the variety has been renamed Glera (an old synonym of Slovenian origin) starting from 2009. The Prosecco wine is produced with the Charmat batch refermentation system, suitable for preserving the aromatic prpreties of the grape. The Prosecco Superiore of Cartizze takes its name from a locality near San Pietro in Barbozza, in the municipality of Valdobbiadene. The Prosecco Superiore of ​​Cartizze area is a hilly strip of about one three hundred acres, entirely covered with vineyards. The area of ​ Montello-Colli Asolani is also famous for its red wines based mainly on Cabernet, Merlot and Carmenère.

Soave and Recioto di Soave

Soave area is located near Verona further east of Valpolicella. Here the most famous white wines of Veneto are produced with the indigenous grapes Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave. The classical area includes only two municipalities, Soave and Monteforte d’Alpone with the best white wines of this DOC. The Soave Superiore typology is awarded the DOCG designation. Also the Recioto di Soave is a DOCG. It’s produced with Garganega grapes dried for about six months before vinification, giving a sweet wine with wide nose smell and notes of dried apricot, citrus and honey, perfect with dry pastries or as a meditation wine.

Colli Euganei, Colli Berici and Breganze

The Euganean Hills, in the Padua province give white, red and sparkling wines, of which the most interesting is the Fior d’Arancio, particularly the passito version, produced with Moscato Giallo grapes. The Serprino is a local clone of the Glera, produced above all as sparkling wine. The red wines of the Euganean Hills are generally produced with Merlot, Cabernet, Raboso and Barbera grapes. Other white wines are produced with Tocai Italico, Pinot Bianco, Moscato giallo, Garganega, Riesling, Sauvignon and Pinella grapes. The Berici Hills are known for the autochthonous Tocai Rosso grape, a local clone of the french Grenache. It has its highest expression in the Rosso di Barbarano typology. In Breganze, in the province of Vicenza, white and red wines are produced, and also the famous Torcolato, a passito wine produced with Vespaiola grapes.

Other Production Areas

Among the other important production areas in Veneto to be mentioned is Bardolino, whose wines are generally produced with the same grapes of Valpolicella, however with different results in terms of structure and intensity. The Bardolino Superiore was granted the DOCG qualification. Bianco di Custoza wine is produced with a blend of different grapes of which the most important are Trebbiano Toscano, Garganega and Bianca Fernanda, a local clone of Cortese. Gambellara, in the province of Vicenza, produces Recioto di Gambellara, a raisin wine from Garganega grapes and the rarest Vin Santo. Three DOC wine areas of Veneto are shared with Lombardy: Lugana, San Martino della Battaglia and Garda. Raboso is on the other hand the undisputed protagonist of the Piave DOC wine area. It is a grape rich in tannins and acidity, from which interesting and robust red wines are made.

The Denominations of Origin of Veneto

Moving from east to west, in the area of ​​Colline del Garda Veronese and Valpolicella, Bardolino Superiore DOCG and the wines from Valpolicella, as Amarone DOCG. Lugana DOC is located between the provinces of Verona and Mantua. On the volcanic hills between the provinces of Verona and Vicenza the areas of ​​Soave Superiore DOCG, Soave DOC and Gambellara DOC. The DOC Colli Berici is located just south of Vicenza, known for red wines based on international grapes and the authoctonous Tocai Rosso (Tai Rosso and Rosso di Barbarano wines). The area of ​​the DOC Breganze is to the north of Vicenza, known for its red wines and a white one based on the Vespaiola grape. In the Padua area the Euganean Hills with the DOCG Moscato Fior d’Arancio, while more south in the plains, the Friularo di Bagnoli DOCG. In the Treviso province we the DOCGs for Prosecco (Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG and Asolo DOCG) and the Colli di Conegliano DOCG. At the borders with Friuli region the Lison DOCG, former DOC Lison Pramaggiore. In Veneto there alltogether 14 DOCG, 28 DOC and 10 IGT (see maps and tables below). To protect the agri-food products, 14 PDOs, among which we highlight the Veneto Euganeo-Berico PDO Prosciutto, the Sopressa Vicentina DOP, and furtehr 15 IGPs.

The regional cuisine of Veneto

Veneto owes its traditional cuisine to the Serenissima Vernice ancient Republic and to the variety of products that its businesses have contributed to spread throughout the territory. Among the appetizers we remember the sardine in saor (fried sardines with onion, seasoned with vinegar, sugar and accompanied with pine nuts and raisins) and the boiled granseola (crab served with garlic, oil and parsley) as well as the numerous PDO and PGI salamis. Among the pastas, bigoli (egg spaghetti)  are served with traditional sauces such as arna (duck),  sardea (sardines) or luganega (sausage). The Cansunziei are ravioli with pumpkin or spinach and cooked ham or chard served with melted butter or smoked ricotta. The sopa coada is a pigeon pie with a rather dry consistency, so much so that sometimes it is accompanied by a cup of boiling broth to be consumed separately or poured over it. Many rice dishes including risi e bisi (boiled rice with peas), rice and cabbage soup as well as many risottos. Great variety even among the main courses, frequently accompanied by the ever-present polenta (boiled cornmeal cream). Other fish recipes are Bacalà alla Vicentina (Vicenza-style cod, cooked with oil, milk, garlic, anchovies and onions) and stewed cuttlefish while among the meat dishes we the faraona in tecia (stewed chicken) the Venetian liver (with onions , oil, butter, salt and parsley), the torresani (pigeons) on the spit and the pastissada de caval (horse stew) of the Verona area. There are also many vegetables and the cheeses with denomination of origin, among which we the white Aparagus of Bassano dop, the Asiago and the Monte Veronse dop cheeses, and many others. Among the desserts the famous Pandoro di Verona, the fritòle (pancakes) the Venetian Galani (fried chatter sprinkled with sugar) and the zalèti (cookies from cornmeal and raisins).

The Wine Appellations of the Veneto Region

The Wine Producers of the Veneto Region

47 Anno DominiTrevisoRoncade
Accordini IginoVeronaNegrar
Accordini StefanoVeronaFumane
Adami AldoVeronaSommacampagna
Agnoletti IdaTrevisoVolpago del Montello
Al ContadinPadovaRovolon
Alba Azienda AgricolaVeronaSoave
Albino ArmaniVeronaDolcè
Albino PionaVeronaSommacampagna
AldegheriVeronaSant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella
AleandriTrevisoMotta di Livenza
Alla Costiera – Filippo GambaPadova
Ancilla LuganaVeronaVillafranca di Verona
AndreolaTrevisoFarra di Soligo
Angelo ScaroniVicenzaBreganze
Anna Spinato Azienda VinicolaTrevisoPonte di Piave
AnselmiVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
AntoliniVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
A Mi ManeraVeneziaPortogruaro
ArduiniVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Astoria ViniTrevisoRefrontolo
Azienda Agricola Dindo AdrianoVeronaFumane
Azienda Agricola GiarolaVeronaSona
Azienda Agricola Giuseppe RizzettoVeneziaPramaggiore
Azienda Agricola InamaVeronaSan Bonifacio
Azienda Agricola Tamburino SardoVeronaSommacampagna
Vino consigliatiAzienda Agricola VivianiVeronaNegrar
Azienda FacchinPadova
Baccichetto Federico e RiccardoTrevisoOrmelle
Balestri ValdaVeronaSoave
Beato Bartolomeo da BreganzeVicenzaBreganze
Begali LorenzoVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Bele CaselTrevisoCaerano di San Marco
BellendaTrevisoVittorio Veneto
Bellese GiacomoTrevisoOrmelle
Benazzoli FulvioVeronaPastrengo
BennatiVeronaCazzano di Tramigna
Bepin de EtoTrevisoSan Pietro di Feletto
Bergamo ViniTrevisoMotta di Livenza
Bettili CristianaVeronaCavaion Veronese
BiancaVignaTrevisoSan Pietro di Feletto
Vino consigliatiBiasiotto Vini e SpumantiBellunoVas
Biondo JeoTrevisoMonfumo
Bixio PoderiVeronaSan Bonifacio
BollaVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
BonazziVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Bonazzi Luciano Mario AngeloVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Bonollo GiuseppeVicenzaFara Vicentino
Bonotto delle TezzeTrevisoVazzola
Borgo AnticoTrevisoConegliano
Borgo Molino Vigne e ViniTrevisoOrmelle
Borgo StajnbechVeneziaPramaggiore
Borin Vini e VignePadovaMonselice
Bortolin Angelo SpumantiTrevisoValdobbiadene
Boscaini CarloVeronaSant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella
Boscaratto MarioTrevisoSusegana
Bosco del MerloVeneziaAnnone Veneto
BrigaldaraVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
BrunelliVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
BuglioniVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Cà Bianca – TurettaPadovaCinto Euganeo
Cà BiasiVicenzaBreganze
Cà CornerVeneziaMeolo
Cà dei ZagoTrevisoValdobbiadene
Cà di RajoTrevisoSan Polo di Piave
Cà FerriPadovaPadova
Cà FrancoTrevisoOrmelle
Cà la BiondaVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Cà LojeraVeronaPeschiera del Garda
Cà LustraPadovaCinto Euganeo
Cà OrologioPadovaBaone
Cà PiaderaTrevisoTarzo
Cà RugateVeronaMontecchia di Crosara
Cà SalinaTrevisoValdobbiadene
Cà VittoriaTrevisoConegliano
Vino consigliatiCaferroPadova
CambragoVeronaColognola ai Colli
Campagnola GiuseppeVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
CanellaVeneziaSan Donà di Piave
Vino consigliatiCanevelTrevisoValdobbiadene
CanosoVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
Cantina Col DovigoVicenzaBreganze
Vino consigliatiCantina Colli EuganeiPadova
Cantina del CastelloVeronaSoave
Cantina di Castelnuovo del GardaVeronaCastelnuovo del Garda
Cantina di MonteforteVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
Cantina di SoaveVeronaSoave
Cantina Giovanni EderleVeronaVerona
Cantina MattielloVicenzaLongare
Cantina Produttori FregonaTrevisoFregona
Vino consigliatiCantina RuggeriTrevisoValdobbiadene
Cantina RuzziniTrevisoMareno di Piave
Cantina ValpantenaVeronaVerona
Cantina Valpolicella NegrarVeronaNegrar
Cantina VintinoveVeneziaPortogruaro
Cantine BuosoVeneziaCaorle
Cantine LenottiVeronaBardolino
Cantine MaschioTrevisoVazzola
Cantine RiondoVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
Vino consigliatiCarpenè MalvoltiTrevisoConegliano
Casa CecchinVicenzaMontebello Vicentino
Casa Coste PianeTrevisoValdobbiadene
Casa Geretto MerkVenezia
Casa RomaTrevisoSan Polo di Piave
Casarotto ViniVeronaMontecchia di Crosara
Cascina MondatorVeronaSommacampagna
Case PaolinTrevisoVolpago del Montello
CastaldaTrevisoGorgo al Monticano
Castellani MicheleVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Castello di LispidaPadovaMonselice
Castello di RoncadeTrevisoRoncade
CavazzaVicenzaMontebello Vicentino
Vino consigliatiCecchetto GiorgioTrevisoVazzola
Cecilia BerettaVeronaVerona
CesariVeronaCavaion Veronese
Chiesa VecchiaVicenzaAlonte
ClementiVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Col del LupoTrevisoVidor
Col SalizTrevisoRefrontolo
Col VetorazTrevisoValdobbiadene
Colle di BuganoVicenzaLongare
Conte CollaltoTrevisoSusegana
Conte Loredan GaspariniTrevisoVolpago del Montello
Corte AdamiVeronaSoave
Corte AleardiVeronaSant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella
Corte Antica – BenedettiVeronaSant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella
Vino consigliatiCorte CavediniVeronaSan Martino Buon Albergo
Corte FigarettoVeronaVerona
Corte FornaledoVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Corte GardoniVeronaValeggio sul Mincio
Corte LenguinVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Corte MainenteVeronaSoave
Corte MoschinaVeronaRoncà
Corte QuaiaraVeronaSona
Corte RugolinVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Corte San BenedettoVeronaNegrar
Corte Sant’AldaVeronaMezzane di Sotto
Corte Sant’ArcadioVeronaCastelnuovo del Garda
Corte ScalettaVeronaSan Martino Buon Albergo
Costa NerinoTrevisoMontebelluna
CottiniVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Cristiana MeggiolaroVeronaRoncà
Dal BelloTrevisoFonte
Dal MasoVicenzaMontebello Vicentino
Dal Santo AntonioPadovaCinto Euganeo
Vino consigliatiDama del RovereVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
Damoli BrunoVeronaNegrar
David SterzaVeronaFumane
De BaccoBellunoSeren del Grappa
De Faveri SpumantiTrevisoVidor
De StefaniVeneziaFossalta di Piave
DeganiVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Dogarina Vigneti in CampodipietraTrevisoSalgareda
Domini VenetiVeronaNegrar
Domus PictaTrevisoValdobbiadene
Dotta AndreaTrevisoRefrontolo
Durante – Le SpinèeTrevisoGiavera del Montello
El VegroVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
ElevaVeronaSant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella
Fabiano ViniVeronaSona
FarinaVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Fasoli GinoVeronaColognola ai Colli
Fattoria EoliaPadovaRovolon
Fattoria Monte FasoloPadovaCinto Euganeo
Feudo di Santa CroceVeronaLazise
Fioravanti OnestiTrevisoSan Biagio di Callalta
Fiorin SilviaTrevisoPieve di Soligo
Firmino MiottiVicenzaBreganze
Follador FrancescoTrevisoValdobbiadene
FraccaroliVeronaPeschiera del Garda
Francesco DrusianTrevisoValdobbiadene
FrassinelliTrevisoMareno di Piave
Fratelli CollavoTrevisoValdobbiadene
Fratelli VogadoriVeronaNegrar
Gallio BrunoVicenzaBreganze
Vino consigliatiGambaVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Garbara – Mirco GrottoTrevisoValdobbiadene
Gemin SpumantiTrevisoValdobbiadene
Genio del PagoVeronaFumane
GiniVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
GiolTrevisoSan Polo di Piave
Giovanna TantiniVeronaCastelnuovo del Garda
Girardi SpumantiTrevisoFarra di Soligo
Giuseppe QuintarelliVeronaNegrar
Giusti dal ColTrevisoCornuda
Grandi NatalinaVicenzaGambellara
Graziano PràVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
Grotta del NinfeoVeronaLavagno
Guerrieri RizzardiVeronaBardolino
I CampiVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
I SaltariVeronaLavagno
I StefaniniVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
Ida AgnolettiTrevisoVolpago del Montello
Il DominioPadovaBagnoli di Sopra
Il Filò delle VignePadovaBaone
Il FolloTrevisoValdobbiadene
Il MottoloPadovaBaone
Il PianzioPadovaGalzignano Terme
Il RoveroVeronaCostermano
Il SettoloTrevisoValdobbiadene
Iris VignetiTrevisoMareno di Piave
Italo CesconTrevisoOrmelle
La BiancaraVicenzaGambellara
La BraghinaVeneziaPortogruaro
La Cantina PizzolatoTrevisoVillorba
La CapuccinaVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
La Collina dei CiliegiVeronaGrezzana
La DamaVeronaNegrar
La di MotteTrevisoMotta di Livenza
La FarraTrevisoFarra di Soligo
La FontaninaVeronaGrezzana
La FrassinaVeneziaCaorle
La GiarettaVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
La GiuvaVeronaVerona
La MontecchiaPadovaSelvazzano Dentro
La Piccola Botte Fratelli GiuliariVeronaIllasi
La PriaVicenzaAlonte
La SansoninaVeronaPeschiera del Garda
La TorderaTrevisoVidor
L’Antica QuerciaTrevisoConegliano
Le AlbareVeronaMontecchia di Crosara
Le BattistelleVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
Le BertaroleVeronaFumane
Le BertoleTrevisoValdobbiadene
Le BigneleVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Le CalendreVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Le CarlineVeneziaPramaggiore
Le ColtureTrevisoValdobbiadene
Le ContradeVeneziaAnnone Veneto
Le FragheVeronaCavaion Veronese
Le GuaiteVeronaMezzane di Sotto
Le MandolareVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
Le ManzaneTrevisoSan Pietro di Feletto
Le MarognoleVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Le PignoleVicenzaBrendola
Le RagoseVeronaNegrar
Le RiveTrevisoPonte di Piave
Le Rive de NadalTrevisoFarra di Soligo
Le SaletteVeronaFumane
Le TendeVeronaLazise
Le Vigne di AliceTrevisoVittorio Veneto
Le Vigne di Roberto – Terre di ConfineVicenzaFara Vicentino
Le Vigne di San PietroVeronaSommacampagna
Le VolpereTrevisoFarra di Soligo
Le VolpiPadovaBaone
Lonardi GiuseppeVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Lonardi Valentino – CostadoroVeronaBardolino
Luca RicciTrevisoSusegana
Vino consigliatiMaculanVicenzaBreganze
ManaraVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Mandraffino SpumantiTrevisoConegliano
ManeraTrevisoCastelfranco Veneto
Gianni TessariVeronaRoncà
Marchesi FumanelliVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Marchesini MarcelloVeronaLazise
MarchioriTrevisoFarra di Soligo
Marco MosconiVeronaIllasi
MarionVeronaSan Martino Buon Albergo
Martignago – Cantina Sant’AndreaTrevisoMaser
MasiVeronaSant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella
Menegotti AntonioVeronaVillafranca di Verona
Vino consigliatiMenti GiovanniVicenzaGambellara
Menti ViniVicenzaMontebello Vicentino
MerottoTrevisoFarra di Soligo
Miotto ValterTrevisoVidor
Mizzon GiuseppeVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
MolettoTrevisoMotta di Livenza
MongardaTrevisoFarra di Soligo
Monte dall’OraVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Monte dei RoariVeronaValeggio sul Mincio
Monte del FràVeronaSommacampagna
Monte FaustinoVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Monte SalineVeronaCavaion Veronese
Monte TaborVeronaIllasi
Monte TondoVeronaSoave
Monte ZovoVeronaCaprino Veronese
MontecarianoVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
MontelviniTrevisoVolpago del Montello
Mulin di MezzoVeneziaAnnone Veneto
MusellaVeronaSan Martino Buon Albergo
Nani 1967VicenzaNanto
Nardello DanieleVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
Nardin WalterTrevisoOrmelle
NicolisVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Nino FrancoTrevisoValdobbiadene
NovaiaVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Ornella MolonTrevisoSalgareda
Orto di VeneziaVeneziaVenezia
OttellaVeronaPeschiera del Garda
PaladinVeneziaAnnone Veneto
Pat del ColmelTrevisoCastelcucco
PerlageTrevisoFarra di Soligo
Piccoli Azienda AgricolaVeronaVerona
Pietro ZardiniVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
PignoVeronaVillafranca di Verona
Piovene Porto GodiVicenzaVillaga
Poderi SalvaroloVeneziaPramaggiore
Poggi GiorgioVeronaAffi
Poggio delle GrazieVeronaSommacampagna
PortinariVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
Pozzobon RosalioTrevisoVolpago del Montello
ProgettidiviniTrevisoFarra di Soligo
ProvoloVeronaMezzane di Sotto
Punto ZeroVicenzaLonigo
Quargentan AndreaVicenzaSan Germano dei Berici
Quota 101PadovaTorreglia
Rebuli MicheleTrevisoValdobbiadene
Roccolo GrassiVeronaMezzane di Sotto
RoenoVeronaBrentino Belluno
Vino consigliatiRomano Dal FornoVeronaIllasi
Roncolato AntonioVeronaSoave
Rubinelli VajolVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
San CassianoVeronaMezzane di Sotto
San Felice Fratelli FalezzaVeronaVerona
San MamanTrevisoVittorio Veneto
San NazarioPadova
San OsvaldoVeneziaAnnone Veneto
San RusticoVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Sandro De BrunoVeronaMontecchia di Crosara
SanfelettoTrevisoSan Pietro di Feletto
Santa EurosiaTrevisoValdobbiadene
Santa MargheritaVeneziaFossalta di Portogruaro
Santa SofiaVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Sartori di VeronaVeronaNegrar
Vino consigliatiScrianiVeronaFumane
Secondo MarcoVeronaFumane
Selun di Marconi LuigiVeronaSant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella
Serafini & VidottoTrevisoNervesa della Battaglia
Serego AlighieriVeronaSant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella
Silvano FolladorTrevisoValdobbiadene
SommarivaTrevisoSan Pietro di Feletto
Sorelle BroncaTrevisoVidor
SperiVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
TedeschiVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Vino consigliatiTenuta BaronTrevisoFonte
Tenuta BastiaVicenzaMontecchio Precalcino
Tenuta ChiccheriVeronaTregnago
Tenuta Col Sandago Case BiancheTrevisoSusegana
Tenuta dalle OreVicenzaTrissino
Tenuta di Corte GiacobbeVeronaRoncà
Tenuta Duca di CasalanzaTrevisoMogliano Veneto
Tenuta GambalongaPadovaCinto Euganeo
Tenuta GrimaniVeronaRoncà
Tenuta La CàVeronaBardolino
Tenuta la PresaVeronaCaprino Veronese
Tenuta MaravejaVicenzaBrendola
Tenuta San BasilioPadova
Tenuta Santa Maria alla PieveVeronaColognola ai Colli
Tenuta Sant’AnnaVeneziaAnnone Veneto
Tenuta Sant’AntonioVeronaColognola ai Colli
Tenuta ValleselleVeronaLazise
Tenute GaltarossaVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Terra MusaVeneziaPramaggiore
Terre di LeoneVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
Terre di PietraVeronaSan Martino Buon Albergo
Terre di San Venanzio FortunatoTrevisoValdobbiadene
TessariVeronaMonteforte d’Alpone
TessèreVeneziaNoventa di Piave
Tinazzi ViniVeronaLazise
Tommasi ViticoltoriVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Tommaso BussolaVeronaNegrar
Trabucchi d’IllasiVeronaIllasi
Transit FarmVicenzaFara Vicentino
Urbano SalvanPadovaDue Carrare
Vino consigliatiVal d’OcaTrevisoValdobbiadene
Valdo SpumantiTrevisoValdobbiadene
Valdoc SartoriTrevisoValdobbiadene
Valentina CubiVeronaFumane
Valerio Zenato Le MoretteVeronaPeschiera del Garda
Vallis MareniTrevisoMiane
Vaona OdinoVeronaMarano di Valpolicella
VenturiniVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
VettoriTrevisoSan Pietro di Feletto
VicentiniVeronaColognola ai Colli
Vigna RòdaPadova
Vigna San LorenzoTrevisoVittorio Veneto
Vignaioli Contrà SoardaVicenzaBassano del Grappa
Vignale di CeciliaPadovaBaone
VignaltaPadovaArquà Petrarca
Vignato DavideVicenzaGambellara
Vigne al CollePadovaRovolon
Vigne del Bosco OlmèVeneziaCeggia
Vigneto Due SantiVicenzaBassano del Grappa
Villa AngaranoVicenzaBassano del Grappa
Villa BrunescaTrevisoGorgo al Monticano
Villa CalicantusVeronaBardolino
Villa CanestrariVeronaColognola ai Colli
Villa CrineVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Villa ErbiceVeronaMezzane di Sotto
Villa Giustiniani – Beato GerardoTrevisoNervesa della Battaglia
Villa MediciVeronaSommacampagna
Villa MerighiVeronaSona
Villa MonteleoneVeronaSant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella
Villa RinaldiVeronaSoave
Villa SandiTrevisoCrocetta del Montello
Villa SpinosaVeronaNegrar
VillabelliniVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
Vin & Organic Products SrlVeronaPescantina
Vinicola SerenaTrevisoConegliano
Vitacchio Cav GuerrinoVicenzaBreganze
Zanoni PietroVeronaVerona
Zardetto SpumantiTrevisoConegliano
ZenatoVeronaPeschiera del Garda
Zonin RobertoVicenzaGambellara
ZyméVeronaSan Pietro in Cariano
ProvaVicenzaQuinto Vicentino
Buvoli-Opificio del Pinot NeroVicenzaGambugliano
Vigneti di EttoreVeronaNegrar
Angelo Da RosTrevisoSarmede