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Trentino Alto Adige wines

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The Trentino-Alto Adige Wine Region

The territory of Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino-Alto Adige is a wholly mountainous region of 14,000 square kilometers. Its two autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano mark both a linguistic and administrative differentiation, we can refer to Trentino on one side and Alto Adige (South-Tyrol) on the other. Although geographically speaking it could be difficult to draw a morphological boundary between the two areas, ethnic and linguistic as well as soil and climate differences have also led, over the centuries, to such a characterization on a provincial basis als talking about wine production. Both areas have in common an excellent wine production, thanks to the favorable geographical and climatic conditions both along the Adige valley, on the mountain slopes, and in the plains and hilly areas around the towns Trento and Bolzano. The qualitative level of the wines of the region is very high, especially for those whose grapes are suitable for cold areas, such as Sauvignon blanc and Pinot Noir. Despite in  Trentino-Alto Adige many international varieties are cultivated, the region is also shows an interesting heritage of indigenous grapes, such as Teroldego, Schiava and Lagrein.

The history of viticulture in South Tyrol

Trentino is the area on either side of the Adige Valley from Rovereto to Salorno and has a vineyard surface of about 9000 hectares. Alto Adige has rather less than 5000 hectares of vineyards, all in mountain and mountainsides areas. As in the north of Verona province and in Valpolicella, the more widespread training form for vines throughout the region is the Pergola, double on plain areas and simple on the mountains.

The viticulture in this region experienced the first important period of development at the time of ancient Rome, but the first signes of viticulture dates back to the Etruscans. With the barbarian ravages the viticulture experienced a stillstand and it was thanks to the work of the monks, particularly the Benedictines, that the cultivation of vine could restart a few centuries later. Already at that time in  Trentino-Alto Adige grapes varieties as Lagrein, Schiava (Vernatsch) and Gewürztraminer were cultivated, along with other native varieties that have by now disappered. During the Hapsburg domination the production of wine in the Trentino-Alto Adige experienced a new commercial impetus and the wines of this remarkable region gained their fame beyond the borders of Italy. Under the Austrian domination the wine growers’ cooperatives gained importance, so nowadays they have an history and tradition of quality as in no other region of the Peninsula. The arrival of phylloxera in the early ‘900 created far less damage comapred to what occurred with the collapse of the regiona at the end of the First World War, when both  Trentino and Alto Adige were annexed to Italy. Only at the end of World War II there were the first signs of recovery of the wine production in Trentino-Alto Adige, although the real recovery came in the early 1980s with the adoption of strict quality criteria. Today the strong commitment of the wine producers makes Trentino-Alto Adige one of the best wine areas in Italy, both for the production of white and red wines, as weel as for traditional method sparkling wines.

The grape varieties in Trentino Alto Adige

In Trentino the three indigenous grape varieties with black berry are the Marzemino, whose area is located just south of Trento (Isera and Seresi), the Teroldego on the  Rotaliana plain, north of Trento, and the Schiava (in variants Schiava grigia, Schiava grossa and Schiava gentile), more to the provincial border with South-Tyrol. The area at the border with the province of Verona is characterized by the Enantio named also Lambrusco a foglia frastagliata (jagged leaf). In the area of Trento also Pinot grisPinot Noir and Cabernet are diffused. The most important white grape varieties are the international ones (Chardonnay and Pinot blanc), which together with Pinot Noir are used for the production of sparkling wines with the traditional method (Trento DOC appellation).

In Alto Adige (South-Tyrol) among the native grapes with black berry the most important are the Schiava (here named Vernatsch), but also Lagrein. Among the international varieties stands the Pinot Noir, which found in the Egna-Ora (Neumarkt-Auer) one of the best growing areas. Among the white grapes in the same area the Gewürztraminer, originally coming precisely from Termeno (Tramin). Kerner and Sylvaner are diffused north of Bolzano, in the Val d’Isarco and Val Venosta. Diffused are also the Moscato rosa and Moscato giallo (Rosenmuskateller and Goldmuskateller) the first in the form of raisin wines with considerable structure, the second very fresh and pleasant especially in the dry version. Terlano area is characterized by porfidic stone formations which give the wines a pleasant minerality in addition to a noticeable longevity.

The wine in Trentino Alto Adige


In Trentino the most produced red wines are the Teroldego and the Marzemino. The denomination Trento DOC is dedicated to sparkling wines produced with the classic method, made from Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir grapes, with a minimum  time on the lees of 15 months (24 months for vintages). The sparkling wines that remain for at least 36 monthson the lees are classified as riserva. The Campo Rotaliano, a plain located to the north of Trento, is characterized by the cultivation of Teroldego, one of the most interesting red grapes of the region (Teroldego Rotaliano DOC). The Nosiola is the most famous and interesting autochthonous white grape of Trentino. In the Valle dei Laghi (Valley of the Lakes) interesting dry wines and the famous Vino Santo raisin wine are produced with this variety. The Nosiola grapes are left to wilt after harvest until Easter, allowing the berries to be partially attacked by Botrytis cinerea. The must is then fermented in small casks of wood and left to mature for four years, creating a sweet full-bodied, rich and pleasant wine.

Alto Adige (South Tyrol)

Alto Adige has a very interesting and varied wine production, characterized by both international and native grape varieties. The cool climate and special environmental and geological conditions make the white wines of Alto Adige among the best in Italy. The red wines, particularly those produced with Lagrein and the Pinot Noir, also boast outstanding results. Rarely white wines are aged or fermented in wood, to safeguard the fresh character and the fruity characteristics of white wines from Alto Adige. Even when the producer chooses the ageing in casks or barrels, the wines are always characterized by a pleasant and refreshing acidity. Lagrein is a very versatile red grape variety, with which both pleasant rosé wines (Lagrein Kretzer) and red wines of considerable structure and longevity, better known as Lagrein Dunkel (dark) are made. It is also often combined with international varieties as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, with excellent results. The Schiava (Vernatsch) gives its most famous wines in the subarea Santa Maddalena of the Alto Adige DOC. Among the desserts wines the ones produced with grapes Moscato Giallo (Goldenmuskateller) and Moscato Rosa (Rosenmuskateller), with its unmistakable strawberry and rose aromas.

The appellations of origin of Trentino-Alto Adige

In Trentino the most important appellation are the Trentino DOC and Trento DOC, the latter dedicated to sparkling wine produced with the classical method. In the Rotaliana plain north of Trento there are the Teroldego Rotaliano DOC and Valdadige DOC, further down towards the province of Verona is the Valdadige Terra dei Forti DOC. The Alto Adige DOC is the only one in the province of Bolzano and is divided into sub-zones characterized by diverses soil and climate conditions: Colli di Bolzano (Bozner Leiten),  Meranese di Collina o Meranese (Meraner or Meraner Hügel), Santa Maddalena (St. Magdalener), Terlano (Terlan), Val Venosta (Vinschgau), Valle Isarco (Eisacktaler). Among the 4 food and agricultural PDO appellations in the region to be highlighted are the cheese Spressa Giudicarie DOP (Trentino) and Stelvio or Stilfser DOP(South Tyrol).

The regional cuisine of the Trentino-Alto Adige

The two provinces that make up the Trentino-Alto Adige region, although divided from a linguistic point of view, have much in common in terms of traditions and culture, food and wine. The cuisine of the Trentino-Alto Adige is based essentially on three foods found as protagonists in the most traditional dishes: apples, bacon and polenta (the latter only in the province of Trento). The polenta is prepared with mixtures of different flours according to the area of origin: in the Valle di Non (Non Valley), for example, it is prepared with yellow maize flour mixed with buckwheat flour, while in the Garda area with white flour and potatoes. The black polenta is made from buckwheat. Many traditional dishes are based on German and Austrian cuisine such as dumplings and cabbage (Sauerkraut). Mushrooms are also an ingredient which occurs in many traditional dishes, because of their abundance in the woods of the region. The fish, of which the countless rivers and streams are rich, inspires recipes such as trout “alla Trentina“, fried and seasoned with lemon sauce, mint and raisins. The mountain environment brings traditional recipes made with wild game such as hare, seasoned with bacon, onion, pine nuts, raisins, lemon peel, cinnamon and butter and venison, with various recipes including the famous stew.

Trentino-Alto Adige produces many cheese verieties, such as the Algunder, both sweet or spicy, the Vinschger Almkäse, the Toblach, the Asiago DOP and the Vezzena in the province of Trento. Among the cold cuts the Speck Alto Adige PGI, produced in the province of Bolzano. The Trentino Alto Adige has a very important production of fruits, especially apples (Mela dell’Atlo Adige IGP), the Susina di Dro PDO (Plum), strawberries and raspberries, broccoli of Torbole and corn from Storo.

The regional cuisine of the Trentino-Alto Adige is also famous for its desserts, as the strudel, pasta stuffed pastry with apples, raisins, pine nuts, breadcrumbs, browned in butter and scented with cinnamon, the Zelten, a typical Christmas cake with dates, dried figs, raisins, pine nuts, walnuts, cinnamon, brandy and cognac mixed in pasta of bread of rye, the Meraner Krapfen with jam, cream or with poppy seeds, the Tyrolean plum cake and the rhubarb cake.

The Wine Producers of the Trentino-Alto Adige Region

Abate NeroTrentoTrento
Abbazia di NovacellaBolzanoVarna
Alessandro SecchiTrentoAla
Vino consigliatiAlois LagederBolzanoMagrè sulla strada del vino
Ansitz PfitscherBolzanoMontagna
ArkahofBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Armando SimoncelliTrentoRovereto
Baron di PauliBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Baron WidmannBolzanoCortaccia sulla strada del vino
Barone a PratoTrentoSegonzano
Barone de ClesTrentoMezzolombardo
BergmannhofBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
BessererhofBolzanoFiè allo Sciliar
Bongiovanni LorenzoTrentoAvio
Borgo dei PosseriTrentoAla
Bossi FedrigottiTrentoRovereto
Brigl JosefBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
Brunnenhof-Kurt RottensteinerBolzanoEgna
Campo MaseriTrentoMezzolombardo
Cantina AldenoTrentoAldeno
Cantina AndrianoBolzanoTerlano
Cantina BolzanoBolzanoBolzano
Cantina CaldaroBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Cantina d’IseraTrentoIsera
Cantina KösslerBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
Cantina Mori Colli ZugnaTrentoMori
Cantina Produttori ColterenzioBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
Cantina Produttori CortacciaBolzanoCortaccia sulla strada del vino
Cantina Produttori Merano BurggräflerBolzanoMarlengo
Cantina Produttori San Michele AppianoBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
Cantina Produttori San PaoloBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
Cantina Riva del GardaTrentoRiva del Garda
Cantina RotalianaTrentoMezzolombardo
Cantina Sociale di AvioTrentoAvio
Vino consigliatiCantina Sociale TrentoTrentoTrento
Cantina TerlanoBolzanoTerlano
Cantina ToblinoTrentoCalavino
Cantina Valle IsarcoBolzanoChiusa
Cantine di OraBolzanoOra
Casata MonfortTrentoLavis
Castel Juval Tenuta UnterortlBolzanoCastelbello-Ciardes
Castel NoarnaTrentoNogaredo
Castel SalleggBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Castel WehrburgBolzanoTesimo
CastelfederBolzanoCortina sulla strada del vino
Castello RametzBolzanoMerano
Cembra Cantina di MontagnaTrentoCembra
Ceolan SergioBolzanoSalorno
Vino consigliatiCesarini Sforza SpumantiTrentoTrento
Cipriano FedrizziTrentoMezzolombardo
Collini Riccardo e Stefani GisellaTrentoSpiazzo
Cont ValentinoTrentoPomarolo
Conti WallenburgTrentoMartignano
Vino consigliatide TarczalTrentoIsera
De Vescovi UlzbachTrentoMezzocorona
Devigili EmanueleTrentoLavis
Donati MarcoTrentoMezzocorona
EbnerhofBolzanoCornedo all’Isarco
Egger RamerBolzanoBolzano
El ZeremiaTrentoRevò
Elena WalchBolzanoTermeno sulla strada del vino
EndrizziTrentoSan Michele all’Adige
Endrizzi Elio e F.lliTrentoMezzocorona
Erste+NeueBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Ferrai FrancoTrentoTelve
Ferrari Fratelli LunelliTrentoTrento
Ferruccio CarlottoBolzanoOra
Filippi Mattia ViticoltorerranteTrentoFaedo
Fontana GrazianoTrentoFaedo
Francesco PoliTrentoVezzano
Franz HaasBolzanoMontagna
Fugatti GemmoTrentoAvio
GaierhofTrentoRoverè della Luna
Garlider-Christian KerschbaumerBolzanoVelturno
Giovanni PoliTrentoVezzano
GirlanBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
Glögglhof-Franz GojerBolzanoBolzano
Gorga RenzoTrentoFolgaria
GummererhofBolzanoTermeno sulla strada del vino
GumphofBolzanoFiè allo Sciliar
Hartmann Donà BolzanoCermes
Hoandlhof-Manfred NössingBolzanoBressanone
Hof GandbergBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
HofstaetterBolzanoTermeno sulla strada del vino
Ignaz NiedristBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
Istituto Agrario San Michele all’AdigeTrentoSan Michele all’Adige
Josef WegerBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
K.Martini & SohnBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
KettmeirBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Kuen HofBolzanoBressanone
KupelwieserBolzanoCortina sulla strada del vino
La CadaloraTrentoAla
La VigneTrentoIsera
La VisTrentoLavis
Larcherhof-Fam. SpöglerBolzanoBolzano
Le FontanelleTrentoTenno
Lieselehof-Werner MorandellBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Vino consigliatiLoacker SchwarhofBolzanoBolzano
Lorenz MartiniBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
Luggin SteffelehofBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Madonna delle VittorieTrentoArco
Malojer GummerhofBolzanoBolzano
ManincorBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Marinushof-Heinrich PohlBolzanoCastelbello-Ciardes
Mas dela FamTrentoTrento
Maso BastieTrentoVolano
Maso BergaminiTrentoTrento
Maso CantanghelTrentoCivezzano
Maso FurliTrentoLavis
Maso MartisTrentoMartignano
Maso PoliTrentoLavis
Maso RoveriTrentoAvio
Maso SalengoTrentoVolano
Maso SperdossiTrentoRevò
Maso Speron d’OroTrentoRovereto
Maso ThalerBolzanoMontagna
Maso Unterganzner Josephus MayrBolzanoCornedo all’Isarco
Michelini WalterTrentoRovereto
MillaBolzanoCortaccia sulla strada del vino
Molino Dei LessiTrentoLavis
Mumelter Georg GriesbauerhofBolzanoBolzano
Muri GriesBolzanoBolzano
Nals MargreidBolzanoNalles
Niedermayr JosefBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
NiklasBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Nusserhof-Heinrich MayrBolzanoBolzano
OberpreyhofBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Oberrautner-Anton SchmidBolzanoBolzano
OrtshaeuslerhofBolzanoMagrè sulla strada del vino
Cantina LasteRosseTrentoRomallo
Pardellerhof MontinBolzanoMarlengo
Pasolli GrazianoTrentoLavis
Patrick UccelliBolzanoSalorno
Pedrotti AntonioTrentoDro
Pedrotti GinoTrentoCavedine
Pedrotti SpumantiTrentoNomi
Pelz DiegoTrentoCembra
Perini MassimoTrentoTenno
Peter DipoliBolzanoEgna
Peter SölvaBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Peter Wachtler TaschlerhofBolzanoBressanone
Peter ZemmerBolzanoCortina sulla strada del vino
Pitsch Am BachBolzanoBolzano
Pojer e SandriTrentoFaedo
Poli GiulioTrentoVezzano
PrackfolerhofBolzanoFiè allo Sciliar
Prälatenhof-Roland RohreggerBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Produttori TermenoBolzanoTermeno sulla strada del vino
ProfilBolzanoTermeno sulla strada del vino
ProvincoTrentoRiva del Garda
Ramoser Stephan-FliederhofBolzanoFunes
RitterhofBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Rizzi ValerioTrentoCloz
Röckhof-Konrad AugschöllBolzanoVillandro
Roverè della LunaTrentoRoverè della Luna
Salurner KlauseBolzanoSalorno
San MichaelTrentoSan Michele all’Adige
San Michele all’AdigeTrentoSan Michele all’Adige
Sanct Apollonia – GasshofBolzanoBolzano
Sandri ArcangeloTrentoFaedo
SanterhofBolzanoRio di Pusteria
Schlosskellerei Hotel KorbBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
St PaulsBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
St. QuirinusBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Stachlburg Baron Von KrippBolzanoParcines
SteflhofBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Steinhauserhof OxenreiterBolzanoSalorno
Strasserhof-Hannes BaumgartnerBolzanoVarna
StrickerhofBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
StroblhofBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
Tenuta Castello PlarsBolzanoLagundo
Tenuta Donà BolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
Tenuta DornachBolzanoSalorno
Tenuta EbnerBolzanoRenon
Tenuta Klaus LentschBolzanoBronzolo
Tenuta Klosterhof-Oskar AndergassenBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Tenuta KornellBolzanoTerlano
Tenuta Kränzl-Graf Franz PfeilBolzanoCermes
San LeonardoTrentoAvio
Tenuta WaldgriesBolzanoBolzano
Thomas PichlerBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Tiecher -Job-TeutschBolzanoMagrè sulla strada del vino
TiefenbrunnerBolzanoCortaccia sulla strada del vino
Vino consigliatiTraminBolzanoTermeno sulla strada del vino
TurmhofBolzanoCortina sulla strada del vino
Unterhofer ThomasBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
Untermoserhof-Georg RamoserBolzanoBolzano
Vignaiolo Giuseppe FantiTrentoLavis
Villa CornioleTrentoGiovo
Villa PersaniTrentoTrento
Villa PiccolaTrentoFaedo
Villscheiderhof-Florian HilpoldBolzanoBressanone
Vindimian DiegoTrentoLavis
Vindimian RudiTrentoLavis
Visentin EttoreTrentoSan Michele all’Adige
Viticoltori Alto AdigeBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
Walter SchullianBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino
WarasinBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
WassererhofBolzanoFiè allo Sciliar
WeinberghofBolzanoTermeno sulla strada del vino
Weingut AbrahamBolzanoAppiano sulla strada del vino
Weingut GruberBolzanoCortaccia sulla strada del vino
Weingut PlonerhofBolzanoMarlengo
Weinhof KoblerBolzanoMagrè sulla strada del vino
Wilhelm WalchBolzanoTermeno sulla strada del vino
Zadra AugustoTrentoRevò
Zeni RobertoTrentoSan Michele all’Adige
Andi SölvaBolzanoCaldaro sulla strada del vino