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Piedmont wines

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The Piedmont Wine Region

Piedmont and Wine

Piedmont is identified almost exclusively for its great red wines, but in this region also excellent white wines and sparkling wines are produced. The role of Piedmont has been fundamental for the development of modern Italian enology. Right here it took place an extraordinary revolution in Italian Oenology that brought Italy back to the top of high quality wine production. Piedmont wines, with just a few exceptions, are varietal, i.e. produced with a single grape. In Piedmont took palce also the first examples of zoning forn the wine-growing areas, with the definition of concepts such as terroir and cru: a specific wine produced exclusively with grapes coming from a single vineyard or parcel whose name appears on the label. Currently the denominations in which the “mentions of the vineyard” are allowed are Barolo DOCG, Barbaresco DOCG and Dogliani DOCG. The territory of these denominations is divided into sub-zones, and within these the parcels or crus are identified. Places such as La Morra, Barolo, Serralunga d’Alba, Monforte d’Alba and Castiglione Falletto are the Barolo wine areas, while Barbaresco, Treiso and Neive are for Barbaresco. Bussia, Lazzarito, Cerequio, Rocche and Brunate are some examples of Barolo crus, just as Rabajà, Asili and Montestefano are for Barbaresco.

The Territory of Piedmont

Piedmont is one of the largest Italian wine-producing regions, with 30% of the land on hills, 26% in the plains and 44% on mountains. The climate is different depending on the area taken into consideration, even if the features remain predominantly continental, with fairly marked temperature changes between day and night. Winters tend to be cold and quite long and the summers are rather hot and sultry on the plains.

Viticulture in Piedmont

Piedmont has more than 125,000 acres of vineyards and more than 3 million hectoliters of wine produced each year, with a fairly moderate average yield (around 8 t / ha). More than 90% of Piedmont’s wine production takes place on hilly areas. The pruning systems are modern (guyot and other espalier).

The history of Viticulture in Piedmont

Until the first half of the nineteenth century Piedmont wines were mainly sweet. This tradition was due to both commercial and technical reasons. From a commercial point of view, since most of the wines were exported from the maritime republic of Genoa by sea, the sweet wines guaranteed greater preservability during long sea journeys. From a technical point of view, Nebbiolo, the main Piedmontese grape, has a rather late ripening. The cold in the cellars where fermentation took place during the months of November and December and the unavailability of selected yeasts interrupted the fermentation process, leaving a certain quantity of residual sugar in the wine.

The protagonist of the renaissance of Piedmontese enology was Barolo, thanks to the French oenologist Louis Oudart. Giulietta Falletti, Marquise of Barolo, asked Oudart to improve the Nebbiolo wines produced in her cellar. Oudart understood the potential of Nebbiolo and realized that he could get an excellent dry wine. This is how Barolo was born and it was thanks to Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, who decided to convert the cellars of his estate in Grinzane for the production of Barolo, which this wine began to acquire its fame on a national and international level.

The grape varieties of Piedmont

In Piedmont there are mostly black-berry grapes , such as Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Croatina, Freisa, Bonarda, Grignolino, Brachetto, and the Malvasia with black berries from Casorzo and Schierano. Among the white grape varieties we mention the Cortese and Erbaluce autochthonous varieties and the Moscato bianco, with some of its highest expressions in the region.

Wine production areas in Piedmont


The Barolo production area is characterized by five famous places that also constitute as many areas of election: Barolo, Castiglione Falletto, La Morra, Serralunga d’Alba and Monforte d’Alba.

The wines produced in these five localities have different characteristics: the soil of Barolo and La Morra gives the wine a softer, more aromatic, decidedly fruity character and with faster maturation. In Castiglione Falletto, Serralunga d’Alba and Monforte d’Alba, the soil is less compact and fertile and produces more robust and intense wines, which ripen more slowly. The wines produced in these localities are also different in color: those produced in La Morra and Barolo tend to have ruby ​​red colors, while those produced in other places tend to look more garnet and orange.

Tannicity is a particularity of Nebbiolo wines that takes a few years, usually at least five, before assuming a more round and less aggressive character. Because of this, we have today two schools of thought among the producers: the more traditional ones make the wine refine in large barrels, obtaining a more aggressive and typical wine, while the more progressive ones instead interpret the Barolo as a softer and more modern wine, often using barrique maturation and shorter fermentation and maceration times. Often this subject is a source of discussion both among producers and among wine-enthusiasts themselves.


Barbaresco has for years been considered as the “younger brother” of Barolo, but in fact it is an extraordinary wine from Nebbiolo grapes that owes its name to the town where it is produced, not far from Barolo. The fame of Barbaresco is certainly more recent than Barolo, in fact it takes the road of notoriety in the 60s thanks above all to Giovanni Gaja and Bruno Giacosa. Ten years later, thanks to the intuition and stubbornness of Angelo Gaja, who began to produce wine according to the principles learned in France, Barbaresco was one of the most sought-after wines in the world. Barbaresco is generally considered more elegant and refined than the nearby Barolo and is produced in the localities of Barbaresco, Treiso and Neive, each of which, thanks to the characteristics of the area, gives specific characteristics to the wine.

The Langhe and the Roero

The Langhe are located near the city of Alba, to the left of the river Tanaro and also include the areas of Barolo and Barbaresco. In addition to Nebbiolo, other grapes are grown, such as Dolcetto and Barbera. Among the most important areas for Dolcetto, Dogliani and Diano d’Alba, the latter with as many as 77 different crus in its territory. Dolcetto gives a wine with a marked fruity note, good tannicity but low acidity, which does not allow long periods of maturation. Barbera is a grape that until a few decades ago was considered suitable only for the production of current and large consumption wines, but recently managed to achieve great results, thanks to a careful and quality-oriented winemaking. The Pelaverga, cultivated in the municipality of Verduno, is an often forgotten grape, but its wines can be regarde as of considerable interest. The most important white grape varieties of the Langhe are the Favorita and Arneis, the latter also present in the Roero. The Roero is located on the left bank of the river Tanaro. Even here the most common black grape is Nebbiolo, however the notoriety of the area is also due to a white grape: the Arneis. White wines from Arneis are intense and complex on the nose and pleasant on the palate.

The Monferrato and the Asti area

These two important wine areas are located in the southeastern part of the region. Here the most important black grape variety is definitely Barbera. In the Monferrato the Barbera is also present as a slightly sparkling wine, while in Asti it’s more a firm and  full-bodied wine. The Grignolino gives red wines with generally clear colors, very pleasant and pleasant. Freisa, with its fruity and immediate flavours is present in many wines of this area. The Ruchè can be considered an exclusive product of Castagnole Monferrato. Its wines are excellent, although generally not very structured. The famous Brachetto d’Acqui is produced as sparkling dry or sweet wines and charms for its strong aromaticity and its pleasantness. The Gavi DOCG white wine is produced with Cortese grapes and characterized by its intensity and harmony. In Ovada the main grape is the Dolcetto which here shows unique characteristics and absolute interest. Asti is famous for Moscato Bianco and for the sweet spumante that bears the name of the city. The success of Asti Spumante is due to Carlo Gancia, who decided in 1865 to make the Moscato Bianco sparkling wine. The Moscato di Loazzolo is an elegant passito also produced with white Moscato grapes. In the Asti area the most important black berry variety is Barbera, here one of its greatest expressions, thanks to the work of Giacomo Bologna, who first introduced the aging in barrique for these wines, making Barbera a prominent place among the important wines.

The north of Piedmont

The northern area of ​​Piedmont is characterized above all by the production of red wines from Nebbiolo, less known than those of Barolo and Barbaresco, but nevertheless of certain charm and interest. Among the most famous areas for these wines we mention Ghemme and Gattinara and the DOC Carema, in the western part and near the Valle d’Aosta. Among the other DOC wines of the northern area of ​​Piedmont produced with Nebbiolo, alone or together with other varieties, it is worth mentioning Lessona, Bramaterra, Boca, Sizzano and Fara. The Erbaluce is a white grape with which are  dry wines but also extraordinary passito are made, belonging to the denomination Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG.

The Denominations of Origin in Piedmont

We can divide Piedmont into 8 main wine-growing areas:

  1. The area north of Novara and Vercelli with the Gattinara DOCG and Ghemme DOCG and also the Lessona DOC, Bramaterra DOC, Boca DOC, Sizzano DOC and Fara DOC. The main vines here are the Nebbiolo, called in this area Spanna, Croatina, Barbera and white Erbaluce
  2. At the border with Valle d’Aosta the Canavese DOC and Carema DOC, always with the Nebbiolo and Erbaluce vines.
  3. Around the city of Turin the Collina Torinese DOC (vines Freisa, Barbera, Bonarda and Dolcetto) and the Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG.
  4. The area of ​​Monferrato, between Asti, Casale Monferrato, Ovada and Gavi includes among others the Barbera del Monferrato Superiore DOCG, Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG, Dogliani DOCG, Ovada DOCG, Gavi or Cortese di Gavi DOCG and Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato DOCG , with the vines Moscato Bianco, Cortese, Grignolino, the Malvasia with black berries Malvasia di Casorzo and Malvasia di Schierano, in addition to the others already mentioned.
  5. The Asti province, an important area for ​​sparkling wine with white Moscato, which also includes Loazzolo DOC, famous for Moscato passito.
  6. The Tortonese area where, in addition to Cortese and Barbera, we mention the autochthonous white Timorasso.
  7. The left bank of the river Tanaro the DOCG Roero with the Nebbiolo, Barbera and white Arneis vines
  8. At the right bank of the river the Langa, with the Barolo DOCG, Barbaresco DOCG (Nebbiolo, but also Ruché, Barbera and Dolcetto) and Dogliani DOCG (Dolcetto).

In Piedmont there are alltogether 16 DOCG and 42 DOC, no IGT. 10 PDOs for food and argicoltural products among which the Bra DOP, the Castelmagno DOP and 6 PGI cheeses stand out.

Gastronomy and typical products of Piedmont

The products of Piedmont, rich in hills, mountains and plains, reflect the characteristics of its territory. From the plains of Vercelli the rice, in the varieties Carnaroli, Arborio and Vialone nano is the protagonist of many recipes, while from the hills of Alba the white truffle characterizes many local recipes. The woods on the hills are rich in mushrooms, like porcini and ovoli. Piedmont gives typical vegetables such as peppers and asparagus. Many typical cheeses such as castelmagno, bra, raschera, robiola di roccaverano and many others.

The Piedmontese cuisine is famous for its appetizers, both hot and cold, including the peppers and stuffed onions, the croutons with truffles, the salads and the salami, raw and cooked, the veal with tuna and stuffed eggs. Among the famous first courses the agnolotti del plin, with roasted or truffle sauce, gnocchi all’ossolana (made with potato and chestnut flour, and risotto, which has already been mentioned, made with Barolo wine, asparagus, finanziera-styke and many others. We also remember the homemade egg pasta Tajarin, with truffle or sage and loose butter, and many meat-based main courses, such as the famous braised beef with Barolo and the Piedmontese mixed boiled meats. White meat dishes, the “babi” chicken (barbecued) and the “marengo” chicken, but also many game based dishes, such as the famous hare in civet, the partridge with barolo and the sautéed pigeons in the Monferrato area. The Finanziera is made with cuts of the fifth quarter (brains, liver, sweetbreads), sausage and veal of diced veal, with addition of broth and porcini mushrooms. The bagna caôda is prepared with anchovies, oil and garlic and used as a sauce for fresh vegetables of the autumnal season. Among desserts the marrons glacés, the cuneesi al rum, the compote of marroni and the bônet, a milk chocolate pudding.



The Wine Appellations of the Piedmont Region

Mappa Denominzioni IGT Piedmont

The Wine Producers of the Piedmont Region

Abbona Anna MariaCuneoFarigliano
Abbona MarzianoCuneoDogliani
Abrigo FratelliCuneoDiano d’Alba
Abrigo OrlandoCuneoTreiso
AccomassoCuneoLa Morra
AccorneroAlessandriaVignale Monferrato
Ada NadaCuneoTreiso
Adriano Marco e VittorioCuneoAlba
Agostino Pavia e FigliAstiAgliano Terme
Vino consigliatiAi Ciuvin – Simone CerrutiCuneoCastiglione Tinella
Alario ClaudioCuneoDiano d’Alba
Albino RoccaCuneoBarbaresco
AlematAlessandriaPonzano Monferrato
Alessandria CrissanteCuneoLa Morra
Alessandria FratelliCuneoVerduno
Alessandria GianfrancoCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Alfiero Boffa Vigne UnicheAstiSan Marzano Oliveto
Almondo GiovanniCuneoMontà
Amalia Cascina in LangaCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Angelino FratelliAlessandriaOttiglio
Antica Casa Vinicola ScarpaAstiNizza Monferrato
Antica Cascina Conti di RoeroCuneoVezza d’Alba
Antichi Poderi dei GallinaCuneoNeive
Antico Borgo dei CavalliNovaraCavallirio
Antonia GazziAstiNizza Monferrato
Antonio Baldizzone-Cascina LanaAstiNizza Monferrato
Antoniotti OdilioBiellaSostegno
Araldica Vini PiemontesiAstiCastel Boglione
Aurelio SettimoCuneoLa Morra
Auriel Società AgricolaAlessandriaPonzano Monferrato
AzeliaCuneoCastiglione Falletto
Azienda Agricola CaudrinaCuneoCastiglione Tinella
Azienda Agricola Franco RoeroAstiMontegrosso d’Asti
Azienda Agricola SanmarcoCuneoSanto Stefano Belbo
BajajCuneoMonteu Roero
Baracco de BarachoCuneoCastellinaldo
Barale FratelliCuneoBarolo
Vino consigliatiBaravalleAstiCalamandrana
Barroero MarcoAstiCoazzolo
BatasioloCuneoLa Morra
BattaglinoCuneoVezza d’Alba
BattaglioCuneoVezza d’Alba
Baudana LuigiCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Bel ColleCuneoVerduno
Bel SitAstiCastagnole delle Lanze
BellicosoAstiMontegrosso d’Asti
BenottoAstiCostigliole d’Asti
Bergaglio NicolaAlessandriaGavi
BersanoAstiNizza Monferrato
Bersano Cavalier DarioAstiSan Marzano Oliveto
Berutti PaoloCuneoSanto Stefano Belbo
Bianchi CeciliaNovaraBriona
Bianco GigiCuneoBarbaresco
Bianco MarcoCuneoSanto Stefano Belbo
Boasso GabuttiCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Bocchino EugenioCuneoLa Morra
Bocchino GiuseppeAstiCanelli
Boglietti EnzoCuneoLa Morra
BollinaAlessandriaSerravalle Scrivia
Bonfante MarcoAstiNizza Monferrato
Boniperti GilbertoNovaraBarengo
Borgo MaraglianoAstiLoazzolo
Vino consigliatiBorgogno FrancescoCuneoBarolo
Borgogno Serio e BattistaCuneoBarolo
Boschis FrancescoCuneoDogliani
Bosco AgostinoCuneoLa Morra
BoveriAlessandriaCosta Vescovato
Bovio GianfrancoCuneoLa Morra
BraidaAstiRocchetta Tanaro
BrandiniCuneoLa Morra
BremaAstiIncisa Scapaccino
Brezza FrancescoAlessandriaSan Giorgio Monferrato
Bric CenciurioCuneoBarolo
Bricco dei GuazziAlessandriaOlivola
Bricco del CucùCuneoBastia Mondovì
Bricco del PreteCuneoPriocca
Bricco MaiolicaCuneoDiano d’Alba
Bricco MondalinoAlessandriaVignale Monferrato
Brigatti FrancescoNovaraSuno
Broglia La MeiranaAlessandriaGavi
BroviaCuneoCastiglione Falletto
Bruno GiacosaCuneoNeive
Bruno Rocca RabajàCuneoBarbaresco
BuganzaCuneoPiobesi d’Alba
Burlotto G.B.CuneoVerduno
Bussia SopranaCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Busso PieroCuneoNeive
ButAstiCostigliole d’Asti
Buzio OresteAlessandriaVignale Monferrato
Cà BarunCuneoSanto Stefano Belbo
Cà BiancaAlessandriaAlice Bel Colle
Cà BrusàCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Cà da MeoAlessandriaGavi
Cà dei MandorliAlessandriaCastel Rocchero
Cà del BaioCuneoTreiso
Cà del PreteAstiPino d’Asti
Cà d’GalCuneoSanto Stefano Belbo
Vino consigliatiCà NovaNovaraBogogno
Cà RichetaCuneoCastiglione Tinella
Cà Romè-Romano MarengoCuneoBarbaresco
Cà TumèAlessandriaBosio
Cà ViolaCuneoDogliani
Cabutto Tenuta La VoltaCuneoBarolo
Caligaris LucaVercelliGattinara
Cantina BriamaraTorinoCaluso
Cantina ClavesanaCuneoClavesana
Cantina del GlicineCuneoNeive
Cantina del NebbioloCuneoVezza d’Alba
Cantina del PinoCuneoBarbaresco
Vino consigliatiCantina di CaremaTorinoCarema
Cantina di GattinaraVercelliGattinara
Cantina OrioloCuneoMontelupo Albese
Cantina Produttori DianesiCuneoDiano d’Alba
Cantina Sociale di NizzaAstiNizza Monferrato
Cantine GarroneVerbano-Cusio-Ossola
Cantine Post dal VinAstiRocchetta Tanaro
Cantine Sant’AgataAstiScurzolengo
Cantine ValpaneAlessandriaOzzano Monferrato
Cantine VolpiAlessandriaTortona
Carlin De PaoloAstiSan Damiano d’Asti
Vino consigliatiCarlotta e RivarolaAlessandriaOvada
Carnevale GiorgioAstiCerro Tanaro
CarussinAstiSan Marzano Oliveto
Casa BuffettoAstiSan Damiano d’Asti
Casa Vinicola CorteseAstiCanelli
Casa WallaceAlessandriaCremolino
Cascina AdelaideCuneoBarolo
Cascina BallarinCuneoLa Morra
Cascina BandieraAlessandriaSan Sebastiano Curone
Cascina BariselAstiCanelli
Cascina BoccaccioAlessandriaTagliolo Monferrato
Cascina BocciaAlessandriaTagliolo Monferrato
Cascina BongiovanniCuneoCastiglione Falletto
Cascina Bretta RossaAlessandriaTagliolo Monferrato
Cascina BruciataCuneoBarbaresco
Cascina BruniCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Cascina Cà RossaCuneoCanale
Cascina CarràCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Cascina CastlètAstiCostigliole d’Asti
Vino consigliatiCascina ChiccoCuneoCanale
Cascina ChristianaAstiNizza Monferrato
Cascina CominaAstiCalosso
Cascina CorteCuneoDogliani
Cascina CostabellaCuneoDogliani
Cascina CuccoCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Cascina del MonasteroCuneoLa Morra
Cascina delle RoseCuneoBarbaresco
Cascina DoriaAlessandriaSan Cristoforo
Cascina FerroAstiCostigliole d’Asti
Cascina Flino Monte PaoloCuneoDiano d’Alba
Cascina FondaCuneoMango
Cascina FontanaCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Cascina GaritinaAstiCastel Boglione
Cascina GentileAlessandriaCapriata d’Orba
Cascina GilliAstiCastelnuovo Don Bosco
Cascina GiovinaleAstiNizza Monferrato
Cascina La GhersaAstiMoasca
Cascina La MaddalenaAlessandriaRocca Grimalda
Cascina LiuzziAstiNizza Monferrato
Cascina lo ZoccolaioCuneoBarolo
Cascina LuisinCuneoBarbaresco
Cascina MelognisCuneoRevello
Cascina MontagnolaAlessandriaViguzzolo
Cascina MorassinoCuneoBarbaresco
Cascina PellerinoCuneoMonteu Roero
Cascina RoeraAstiCostigliole d’Asti
Cascina SalerioAstiCostigliole d’Asti
Cascina SalicettiAlessandriaMontegioco
Cascina SorbaCuneoDiano d’Alba
Cascina TavijnAstiScurzolengo
Cascina Val del PreteCuneoPriocca
Vino consigliatiCascina ZoinaNovaraOleggio
Casina Bric 460CuneoBarolo
Cassina PietroBiellaLessona
Castellari BergaglioAlessandriaGavi
Castello del PoggioAstiAsti
Castello di GabianoAlessandriaGabiano
Castello di NeiveCuneoNeive
Castello di TaglioloAlessandriaTagliolo Monferrato
Castello di TassaroloAlessandriaTassarolo
Castello di UviglieAlessandriaRosignano Monferrato
Castello di VerdunoCuneoVerduno
CavallottoCuneoCastiglione Falletto
Cave di MoletoAlessandriaOttiglio
Cento FilariAstiMombaruzzo
Cerrino SergioCuneoTrezzo Tinella
Chiesa CarloCuneoSanto Stefano Roero
Chiovini ParideNovaraSizzano
Ciabot BertonCuneoLa Morra
Cigliuti FratelliCuneoNeive
Cinzia BergaglioAlessandriaTassarolo
Clerico AldoCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Clerico DomenicoCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Colle ManoraAlessandriaQuargnento
Collina SerragrilliCuneoNeive
Colombera CarloBiellaMasserano
ColuéCuneoDiano d’Alba
Conterno FantinoCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Conterno FrancoCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Conterno GiacomoCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Conterno PaoloCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Cordara ClaudiaAstiCastel Boglione
Cordero di MontezemoloCuneoLa Morra
Corino RenatoCuneoLa Morra
Correggia MatteoCuneoCanale
Corte SolidaleAlessandriaTortona
Cortese GiuseppeCuneoBarbaresco
CossettiAstiCastelnuovo Belbo
Costa dei PlataniAlessandriaAcqui Terme
Costa di BussiaCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Costa OlmoAstiVinchio
CriolinAstiCastagnole delle Lanze
CrivelliAstiCastagnole Monferrato
Crola EnricoNovaraOleggio
DacapoAstiAgliano Terme
Dacasto DuilioAstiAgliano Terme
Daniele CoutandinTorinoPerosa Argentina
Dante RivettiCuneoNeive
Davide BeccariaAlessandriaOzzano Monferrato
DemarieCuneoVezza d’Alba
DessilaniNovaraFara Novarese
DestefanisCuneoMontelupo Albese
Dezzani FratelliAstiCocconato
Diego ConternoCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Doglia GianniAstiCastagnole delle Lanze
Dosio VignetiCuneoLa Morra
Drocco RenzoCuneoRodello
E.MolinoCuneoLa Morra
E.Pira & Figli – Chiara BoschisCuneoBarolo
Edoardo SobrinoCuneoDiano d’Alba
Elio Altare-Cascina NuovaCuneoLa Morra
Elio PerroneCuneoCastiglione Tinella
Ellena GiuseppeCuneoLa Morra
Emanuele RolfoCuneoMontà
Enrico SerafinoCuneoCanale
Eraldo RevelliCuneoFarigliano
Eraldo VibertiCuneoLa Morra
Erede di Chiappone ArmandoAstiNizza Monferrato
Ezio CerrutiCuneoCastiglione Tinella
F.lli TrincheroAstiMontegrosso d’Asti
Fabio FidanzaAstiCalosso
Fantino Alessandro e Gian NataleCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Favaro BenitoTorinoPiverone
Fenocchio GiacomoCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Ferraris LucaAstiCastagnole Monferrato
Ferraris RobertoAstiAgliano Terme
Ferraro MaurizioAstiMontemagno
FerroAstiAgliano Terme
Filippino ElioCuneoNeive
Flavio RoddoloCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Fontana LiviaCuneoCastiglione Falletto
FontanafreddaCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Forteto della LujaAstiLoazzolo
Forti del VentoAlessandriaOvada
Francesca CastaldiNovaraBriona
Franchino MauroVercelliGattinara
Franco MartinettiTorinoTorino
Franco MondoAstiSan Marzano Oliveto
Vino consigliatiFranconeCuneoNeive
Fratelli AimassoCuneoDiano d’Alba
Fratelli SaviglianoCuneoDiano d’Alba
Gagliasso MarioCuneoLa Morra
Gallino Domenico – Bric CastelvejCuneoCanale
Gatti PieroCuneoSanto Stefano Belbo
GemmaCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Germano EttoreCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Ghio DomenicoAlessandriaBosio
Ghisolfi AttilioCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Giacomo ScagliolaAstiCanelli
Giacomo VicoCuneoCanale
Giacosa CarloCuneoBarbaresco
Giacosa FratelliCuneoNeive
Gianfranco RolfoCuneoDogliani
Gianluigi LanoCuneoAlba
Gianni GagliardoCuneoLa Morra
Gianpiero MarroneCuneoLa Morra
Gigi RossoCuneoCastiglione Falletto
Giordano LombardoAlessandriaGavi
Giordano Luigi GiuseppeCuneoBarbaresco
Giornanino TeresioCuneoCostigliole Saluzzo
Giovanni CorinoCuneoLa Morra
Giovanni DaglioAlessandriaCosta Vescovato
Giovanni e Lorenzo FreaCuneoMontaldo Roero
Giovanni PrandiCuneoDiano d’Alba
Vino consigliatiGiribaldiCuneoRodello
Giulio Cocchi SpumantiAstiCocconato
Giuseppe RinaldiCuneoBarolo
Giustiniana Antica TenutaAlessandriaGavi
Cascina Boschetti GombaCuneoBarolo
Gonella Vini d’ElezioneAstiSan Martino Alfieri
Grasso ElioCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Grasso SilvioCuneoLa Morra
Grimaldi BrunaCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Grimaldi GiacomoCuneoBarolo
Guasti ClementeAstiNizza Monferrato
Guido BertaAstiSan Marzano Oliveto
Haegi KurtAstiVesime
Hilberg PasqueroCuneoPriocca
I CarpiniAlessandriaPozzol Groppo
I Paglieri – RoagnaCuneoBarbaresco
I RocAstiCalosso
I Vignaioli di Santo StefanoCuneoSanto Stefano Belbo
IcardiCuneoCastiglione Tinella
Il ChiossoVercelliGattinara
Il ColomboCuneoMondovì
Il FalchettoCuneoSanto Stefano Belbo
Il PoggioAlessandriaGavi
Il RoccoAlessandriaCarpeneto
Il Roccolo di MezzomericoNovaraMezzomerico
Vino consigliatiIl VignaleAlessandriaNovi Ligure
Ilaria SalvettiTorinoCaluso
IncisianaAstiIncisa Scapaccino
IoppaNovaraRomagnano Sesia
Vino consigliatiIsolabella della CroceAstiLoazzolo
IuliAlessandriaCerrina Monferrato
Ivaldi DarioAstiNizza Monferrato
Josetta SaffirioCuneoMonforte d’Alba
La BadiaAstiCalosso
La BallerinaAstiMontegrosso d’Asti
La BarbatellaAstiNizza Monferrato
La BarettaAstiFontanile
Vino consigliatiLa BiòcaCuneoMonforte d’Alba
La Bruciata di Oscar BosioCuneoSanto Stefano Belbo
La Cà NovaCuneoBarbaresco
La CaplanaAlessandriaBosio
La CasacciaAlessandriaCella Monte
La ChiaraAlessandriaGavi
La ColomberaAlessandriaTortona
La ConteaCuneoNeive
La Corte-CusmanoAstiCalamandrana
La FiammengaAstiPenango
La Fusina – Abbona Enrico e LuigiCuneoDogliani
La GhibellinaAlessandriaGavi
La GiribaldinaAstiCalamandrana
La GirondaAstiNizza Monferrato
La GuardiaAlessandriaMorsasco
La Luna del RospoAstiAgliano Terme
La MaseraTorinoSettimo Rottaro
La MesmaAlessandriaGavi
La MondianeseAstiMontemagno
La MontagnettaAstiRoatto
La MorandinaCuneoCastiglione Tinella
La PalazzinaVercelliRoasio
La PrevosturaBiellaLessona
La QuerciolaCuneoFarigliano
La RaiaAlessandriaNovi Ligure
La RondaVercelliRoasio
La ScamuzzaAlessandriaVignale Monferrato
Vino consigliatiLa ScolcaAlessandriaGavi
La SignorinaAlessandriaCarpeneto
La SmillaAlessandriaBosio
La SpinettaAstiCastagnole delle Lanze
La Spinosa AltaAlessandriaOttiglio
La ToledanaAlessandriaGavi
La Torre di Castel RoccheroAstiCastel Rocchero
La TorricellaCuneoMonforte d’Alba
La TribuleiraCuneoSanto Stefano Belbo
La VallettaAlessandriaCremolino
La Vecchia PostaAlessandriaAvolasca
La ZerbaAlessandriaTassarolo
LagobavaAlessandriaVignale Monferrato
Laiolo RegininAstiVinchio
L’AnnunziataAstiCostigliole d’Asti
Laura ValditerraAlessandriaNovi Ligure
Le BaccantiTorinoCaluso
Le CeccheCuneoDiano d’Alba
Le GinestreCuneoGrinzane Cavour
Le MarieCuneoBarge
Le MarneAlessandriaParodi Ligure
Vino consigliatiLe PianeNovaraBoca
Le PianelleBiellaBrusnengo
Le StretteCuneoNovello
Le Vigne di Cà NovaCuneoRoddino
Lequio UgoCuneoNeive
LiedholmAlessandriaCuccaro Monferrato
Lo ZerboneAlessandriaRocca Grimalda
Lorenzo NegroCuneoMonteu Roero
Lorenzo ZanettaNovaraSizzano
Luigi TacchinoAlessandriaCastelletto d’Orba
ManzoneCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Manzone GiovanniCuneoMonforte d’Alba
MarcalbertoCuneoSanto Stefano Belbo
MarcariniCuneoLa Morra
Marchese Luca SpinolaAlessandriaGavi
Marchesi AlfieriAstiSan Martino Alfieri
Marchesi di BaroloCuneoBarolo
Marchesi Incisa della RocchettaAstiRocchetta Tanaro
Marco CanatoAlessandriaVignale Monferrato
Marco PorelloCuneoCanale
MarelloCuneoMontelupo Albese
MarengoCuneoLa Morra
Marengo MassimoAstiCastagnole Monferrato
Mariotto ClaudioAlessandriaTortona
Mascarello BartoloCuneoBarolo
Mascarello GiuseppeCuneoCastiglione Falletto
Massimiliano Vivalda Wine PhilosophyAstiNizza Monferrato
Massimo BoAstiCostigliole d’Asti
Massimo ClericoBiellaLessona
Massimo RivettiCuneoNeive
MassolinoCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Mauro BarberoCuneoMonticello d’Alba
Mauro SebasteCuneoAlba
Vino consigliatiMauro VeglioCuneoLa Morra
MazzoniNovaraCavaglio d’Agogna
Merenda con Corvi Azienda Agricola BeaTorinoPinerolo
Michele ChiarloAstiCalamandrana
Vino consigliatiMirafioreCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
MolinettoAlessandriaFrancavilla Bisio
Molino MauroCuneoLa Morra
Monchiero CarboneCuneoCanale
Vino consigliatiMontalberaAstiCastagnole Monferrato
MontarioloAlessandriaAlfiano Natta
Monteoliveto di CasàCuneoMonticello d’Alba
Vino consigliatiMontiCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Morgassi SuperioreAlessandriaGavi
Mossio FratelliCuneoRodello
MustelaCuneoTrezzo Tinella
Nada FiorenzoCuneoTreiso
Natta FratelliAstiGrazzano Badoglio
NegrettiCuneoLa Morra
NegroCuneoMonteu Roero
Negro GiuseppeCuneoNeive
Nicoletta CalandraAlessandriaTortona
Nizza SilvanoCuneoSanto Stefano Roero
Noceto MichelottiAstiCastel Boglione
Nuova CappellettaAlessandriaVignale Monferrato
Oberto AndreaCuneoLa Morra
OdderoCuneoLa Morra
Oggero Alberto – Del Piero LauraCuneoSanto Stefano Roero
Olivero MarioCuneoRoddi
Orsolani Azienda AgricolaTorinoSan Giorgio Canavese
Osvaldo BarberisCuneoDogliani
PalladinoCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Paolo AvezzaAstiCanelli
Paolo Giuseppe PoggioAlessandriaBrignano-Frascata
Paolo ManzoneCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Paolo PizzorniAlessandriaRicaldone
Paolo ScavinoCuneoCastiglione Falletto
ParussoCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Pelissero Pasquale ErediCuneoNeive
Penna Luigi e FigliCuneoAlba
PescajaAstiCisterna d’Asti
PeyraniAstiSan Paolo Solbrito
Pian d’OrCuneoMango
Pico MaccarioAstiMombaruzzo
Pier Carlo BergaglioAlessandriaCapriata d’Orba
Pierfrancesco GattoAstiCastagnole Monferrato
Pinsoglio FabrizioCuneoCanale
Pio CesareCuneoAlba
PioieroCuneoVezza d’Alba
PiraCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Platinetti GuidoNovaraGhemme
Podere ai ValloniNovaraBoca
Podere LucianoAlessandriaAcqui Terme
Podere Rocche dei ManzoniCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Podere Ruggeri CorsiniCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Poderi Aldo ConternoCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Poderi BertelliAstiCostigliole d’Asti
Poderi CollaCuneoAlba
Poderi dei Bricchi AstigianiAstiIsola d’Asti
Vino consigliatiPoderi Einaudi LuigiCuneoDogliani
Poderi La CollinaCuneoDogliani
Poderi Rosso GiovanniAstiAgliano Terme
Poderi SinaglioCuneoDiano d’Alba
Poggio Paolo GiuseppeAlessandriaBrignano-Frascata
Poggio RidenteAstiCocconato
Porro GuidoCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Porta RossaCuneoDiano d’Alba
Principiano FerdinandoCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Principiano GiuseppeCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Prinsi Ottavio – LequioCuneoNeive
Produttori del BarbarescoCuneoBarbaresco
Produttori del GaviAlessandriaGavi
Produttori di GovoneCuneoGovone
Proprietà SperinoBiellaLessona
Raffaele GiliCuneoCastellinaldo
RaineriCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Renato RattiCuneoLa Morra
Renzo CastellaCuneoDiano d’Alba
Revello FratelliCuneoLa Morra
ReverditoCuneoLa Morra
RicciAlessandriaCosta Vescovato
Rinaldi Francesco e FigliCuneoAlba
Roberto CrosioTorinoCaluso
Roberto SarottoCuneoNeviglie
Rocca GiovanniCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Rocca RondinariaAlessandriaRocca Grimalda
Rocche CostamagnaCuneoLa Morra
RocchevibertiCuneoCastiglione Falletto
Roccia RossaBiellaBrusnengo
Vino consigliatiRomana CarloCuneoDogliani
Rosso GiovanniCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
SalvanoCuneoDiano d’Alba
San BartolomeoAlessandriaGavi
San BiagioCuneoLa Morra
San FereoloCuneoDogliani
Sandrone LucianoCuneoBarolo
Sant’Anna Dei BricchettiAstiCostigliole d’Asti
SaraccoCuneoCastiglione Tinella
SchiavenzaCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Scovero AndreaAstiCostigliole d’Asti
ScrimaglioAstiNizza Monferrato
SeghesioCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Sergio DegiorgisCuneoMango
Sergio Grimaldi-Cà du SindicCuneoSanto Stefano Belbo
SerradenariCuneoLa Morra
Silvano BolmidaCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Simone ScalettaCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Sobrero Francesco e FigliCuneoCastiglione Falletto
Sordo GiovanniCuneoCastiglione Falletto
Spertino LuigiAstiMombercelli
Stefanino CostaCuneoMontà
Stefanino MorraCuneoCastellinaldo
Stefano FarinaCuneoDiano d’Alba
StellaAstiCostigliole d’Asti
Stroppiana OresteCuneoLa Morra
Sylla SebasteCuneoBarolo
Taliano MicheleCuneoMontà
Tenuta CarrettaCuneoPiobesi d’Alba
Tenuta Castello di RazzanoAlessandriaAlfiano Natta
Tenuta dei FioriAstiCalosso
Tenuta dell’ArbiolaAstiSan Marzano Oliveto
Tenuta GerettoAstiAgliano Terme
Tenuta GrilloAlessandriaGamalero
Tenuta I QuarantaAlessandriaRicaldone
Tenuta La MeridianaAstiMontegrosso d’Asti
Tenuta La PergolaAstiCisterna d’Asti
Tenuta La TenagliaAlessandriaSerralunga di Crea
Tenuta LangascoCuneoAlba
Tenuta l’IlluminataCuneoLa Morra
Tenuta MontanelloCuneoCastiglione Falletto
Tenuta MontemagnoAstiMontemagno
Tenuta Olim BaudaAstiIncisa Scapaccino
Tenuta RolettoTorino
Tenuta San Pietro in TassaroloAlessandriaTassarolo
Tenuta San SebastianoAlessandriaLu
Tenuta Santa CaterinaAstiGrazzano Badoglio
Tenuta Santa SeraffaAlessandriaGavi
Tenute Cisa Asinari dei Marchesi di GresyCuneoBarbaresco
Tenute SellaBiellaLessona
TerralbaAlessandriaBerzano di Tortona
Terre da VinoCuneoBarolo
Terre del BaroloCuneoCastiglione Falletto
TerrenostreCuneoCossano Belbo
Vino consigliatiTorraccia del PiantavignaNovaraGhemme
Traversa-Cascina BertolottoAlessandriaSpigno Monferrato
Tre DonneCuneoNeive
TrediberriCuneoLa Morra
Trinchero EzioAstiAgliano Terme
Umberto FracassiCuneoCherasco
Valli UniteAlessandriaCosta Vescovato
Veglio Giovanni e FigliCuneoDiano d’Alba
Venturino GiancarloAstiVaglio Serra
Viberti GiovanniCuneoBarolo
VicaraAlessandriaRosignano Monferrato
ViettiCuneoCastiglione Falletto
Vignaioli Elvio PertinaceCuneoTreiso
Vigne dei MastriAstiCostigliole d’Asti
Vigne Marina CoppiAlessandriaCastellania
Vigne RegaliAlessandriaStrevi
Vigneti Boveri GiacomoAlessandriaCosta Vescovato
Vigneti e Cantine Enrico MorandoAstiCastagnole Monferrato
Vigneti MassaAlessandriaMonleale
Villa FioritaAstiCastello di Annone
Villa GiadaAstiCanelli
Villa SparinaAlessandriaGavi
VilladoriaCuneoSerralunga d’Alba
Vinchio Vaglio SerraAstiVinchio
Vite ColteCuneoBarolo
Viticoltori Associati di RodelloCuneoRodello
Viticoltori del TortoneseAlessandriaTortona
Voerzio GianniCuneoLa Morra
Voerzio RobertoCuneoLa Morra
La RachilanaCuneoMonforte d’Alba
Cascina degli UliviAlessandriaNovi Ligure
Paride IarettiVercelliGattinara
Podere MacellioTorinoCaluso
Rivella SilviaCuneoBarbaresco
Vigneti Valle RoncatiNovaraBriona