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Loc.Turri - Case Sparse, 42 - 6036 Montefalco (Perugia)

Raina - The Producer

Raina is a wine producer located in Montefalco, a city of the Perugia province, in the Umbria region. Quattrocalici lists all the most important wine producers in the Perugia province, including Raina. In this, as in all wine region of Italy, there are hundreds of cellars and winemakers. For this reason Quattrocalici regularly preforms accurate searchs to select the best wine producers to be listed in its Wine Guide. Among the most interesting Winemakers of Umbria region, we mention Raina, for sure one of the most important wine producers in the Perugia province. This region of Italy is traditionally focused on winemaking, as attested by the several aknowledgments and awards received by the wine producers of the Perugia province. Those results encouraged the vine growers to invest further resources in their territory, aiming to improve the quality of their products and their competitivity on the markets. The wines produced by Raina have the right content in alcohol and good acidity, which helps to enhance and preserve their natural aromas. Down in this page we mention the most important wines of Raina selected by Quattrocalici.

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Raina - Wine Appellations in the Area

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