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The Montepulciano Grape Variety

    The Montepulciano grape is a Black berry variety and is mostly grown in Abruzzo, Marche region(s). The Montepulciano grapes are also widely present in a bigger area which includes Abruzzo, Basilicata, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Latium, Lombardy, Marche, Molise, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria regions as well. The Montepulciano grape belongs to the  group. The wine made from the Montepulciano grapes is ruby red, intense and its taste is basically vinous, fruity, tannic, full bodied.

    Montepulciano grape

    Montepulciano Variety main information

      Berry colorBlack berry
      Registration year1970
      Authorized regionsAbruzzo, Basilicata, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Latium, Lombardy, Marche, Molise, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria
      Regions under observationCalabria
      Recommended provinces, , , , ,
      Recommended regionsSardinia

      Montepulciano ampelographic description

      Leaf descriptors

      medium sized, pentagonal shape, with five lobes.

      Grape descriptors

      medium, dense, medium, conical, cylindrical, with 1-2 wing(s).

      Berry descriptors

      mediumthick, medium bloom and with blue-black skin.

      Montepulciano Wine Features

      The wine obtained from the Montepulciano grapes has ruby red, intense colour. Its taste is vinous, fruity, tannic, full bodied.

      Featured Wine appellations for the Montepulciano variety

      Appellation nameTypeRegion
      Abruzzo DOCDOCAbruzzo
      Alezio DOCDOCPuglia
      Benevento o Beneventano IGTIGTCampania
      Biferno DOCDOCMolise
      Brindisi DOCDOCPuglia
      Campania IGTIGTCampania
      Castel del Monte DOCDOCPuglia
      Castelli Romani DOCDOCLatium
      Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOCDOCAbruzzo
      Cerveteri DOCDOCLatium
      Colli Cimini IGTIGTLatium
      Colli della Sabina DOCDOCLatium
      Colli di Rimini DOCDOCEmilia-Romagna
      Colli di Salerno IGTIGTCampania
      Colli Etruschi Viterbesi o Tuscia DOCDOCLatium
      Colli Lanuvini DOCDOCLatium
      Colli Maceratesi DOCDOCMarche
      Colli Romagna Centrale DOCDOCEmilia-Romagna
      Conero DOCGDOCGMarche
      Controguerra DOCDOCAbruzzo
      Copertino DOCDOCPuglia
      Cori DOCDOCLatium
      Costa Etrusco Romana IGTIGTLatium
      Dugenta IGTIGTCampania
      Epomeo IGTIGTCampania
      Esino DOCDOCMarche
      Gravina DOCDOCPuglia
      Grottino di Roccanova DOCDOCBasilicata
      I Terreni di San Severino DOCDOCMarche
      Lazio IGTIGTLatium
      Leverano DOCDOCPuglia
      Lizzano DOCDOCPuglia
      Molise o del Molise DOCDOCMolise
      Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Colline Teramane DOCGDOCGAbruzzo
      Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOCDOCAbruzzo
      Nardò DOCDOCPuglia
      Offida DOCGDOCGMarche
      Orta Nova DOCDOCPuglia
      Ortona DOCDOCAbruzzo
      Paestum IGTIGTCampania
      Pentro d’Isernia o Pentro DOCDOCMolise
      Pompeiano IGTIGTCampania
      Roccamorfina IGTIGTCampania
      Roma DOCDOCLatium
      Rosso Conero DOCDOCMarche
      Rosso di Cerignola DOCDOCPuglia
      Rosso Orvietano o Orvietano Rosso DOCDOCUmbria
      Rosso Piceno DOCDOCMarche
      San Severo DOCDOCPuglia
      Tarquinia DOCDOCLatium
      Terre del Volturno IGTIGTCampania
      Terre Tollesi o Tullum DOCDOCAbruzzo
      Velletri DOCDOCLatium
      Villamagna DOCDOCAbruzzo