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The Bianchetta Trevigiana Grape Variety

    The Bianchetta Trevigiana grape is a white berry variety and is mostly grown in Veneto region(s). The Bianchetta Trevigiana grapes are also widely present in a bigger area which includes Veneto regions as well. The Bianchetta Trevigiana grape belongs to the Indigenous varieties group. The wine made from the Bianchetta Trevigiana grapes is straw yellow and its taste is basically light bodied.

    Bianchetta Trevigiana grape

    Bianchetta Trevigiana Variety main information

      Berry colorwhite berry
      Vine categoryIndigenous varieties
      Registration year1970
      Authorized provincesVerona
      Recommended provinces,

      Bianchetta Trevigiana ampelographic description

      Leaf descriptors

      medium sized, pentagonal shape, with three lobes.

      Grape descriptors

      very dense, medium, cylindrical, funnel-shaped, with 1 wing(s).

      Berry descriptors

      medium, spheroidal shape, thick and with green-yellow skin.

      Bianchetta Trevigiana Wine Features

      The wine obtained from the Bianchetta Trevigiana grapes has straw yellow colour. Its taste is light bodied.