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The Barbera Grape Variety

    The Barbera grape is a Black berry variety and is mostly grown in Piedmont region(s). The Barbera grapes are also widely present in a bigger area which includes Piedmont, Lombardy, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Latium, Liguria, Marche, Molise, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria regions as well. The Barbera grape belongs to the  group. The wine made from the Barbera grapes is ruby red, intense and its taste is basically floral, spicy, full bodied.

    Barbera grape

    Barbera Variety main information

      Berry colorBlack berry
      Registration year1970
      Authorized provincesBari, Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce, Taranto, Treviso, Venezia, Verona, Vicenza
      Authorized regionsAbruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Latium, Liguria, Lombardy, Marche, Molise, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria
      Recommended provinces,
      Recommended regionsPiedmont, Sardinia

      Barbera ampelographic description

      Leaf descriptors

      medium sized, pentagonal shape, with five lobes.

      Grape descriptors

      dense, medium, funnel-shaped, with 1-2 wing(s).

      Berry descriptors

      medium, ellipsoid shape, thin and with blue-black skin.

      Barbera Wine Features

      The wine obtained from the Barbera grapes has ruby red, intense colour. Its taste is floral, spicy, full bodied.

      Featured Wine appellations for the Barbera variety

      Appellation nameTypeRegion
      Alba DOCDOCPiedmont
      Albugnano DOCDOCPiedmont
      Barbera d’Alba DOCDOCPiedmont
      Barbera d’Asti DOCGDOCGPiedmont
      Barbera del Monferrato DOCDOCPiedmont
      Barbera del Monferrato superiore DOCGDOCGPiedmont
      Basilicata IGTIGTBasilicata
      Benaco Bresciano IGTIGTLombardy
      Benevento o Beneventano IGTIGTCampania
      Botticino DOCDOCLombardy
      Buttafuoco dell’Oltrepò Pavese o Buttafuoco DOCDOCLombardy
      Campania IGTIGTCampania
      Canavese DOCDOCPiedmont
      Casteggio DOCDOCLombardy
      Castel San Lorenzo DOCDOCCampania
      Cellatica DOCDOCLombardy
      Colli Aprutini IGTIGTAbruzzo
      Colli Bolognesi DOCDOCEmilia-Romagna
      Colli del Sangro IGTIGTAbruzzo
      Colli di Parma DOCDOCEmilia-Romagna
      Colli di Rimini DOCDOCEmilia-Romagna
      Colli di Salerno IGTIGTCampania
      Colli d’Imola DOCDOCEmilia-Romagna
      Colli Piacentini DOCDOCEmilia-Romagna
      Colli Romagna Centrale DOCDOCEmilia-Romagna
      Colli Tortonesi DOCDOCPiedmont
      Collina Torinese DOCDOCPiedmont
      Colline Frentane IGTIGTAbruzzo
      Colline Novaresi DOCDOCPiedmont
      Colline Pescaresi IGTIGTAbruzzo
      Colline Saluzzesi DOCDOCPiedmont
      Colline Teatine IGTIGTAbruzzo
      Daunia IGTIGTPuglia
      del Vastese o Histonium IGTIGTAbruzzo
      Dugenta IGTIGTCampania
      Emilia o dell’Emilia IGTIGTEmilia-Romagna
      Epomeo IGTIGTCampania
      Forlì IGTIGTEmilia-Romagna
      Gabiano DOCDOCPiedmont
      Garda DOCDOCLombardy, Veneto
      Gutturnio DOCDOCEmilia-Romagna
      Langhe DOCDOCPiedmont
      Malvasia di Casorzo o Casorzo DOCDOCPiedmont
      Marche IGTIGTMarche
      Monferrato DOCDOCPiedmont
      Montenetto di Brescia IGTIGTLombardy
      Murgia IGTIGTPuglia
      Oltrepò Pavese DOCDOCLombardy
      Paestum IGTIGTCampania
      Piemonte DOCDOCPiedmont
      Pinerolese DOCDOCPiedmont
      Pompeiano IGTIGTCampania
      Provincia di Mantova IGTIGTLombardy
      Provincia di Pavia IGTIGTLombardy
      Puglia IGTIGTPuglia
      Ravenna IGTIGTEmilia-Romagna
      Riviera del Garda Bresciano o Garda Bresciano DOCDOCLombardy
      Roccamorfina IGTIGTCampania
      Ronchi di Brescia IGTIGTLombardy
      Ronchi Varesini IGTIGTLombardy
      Rosso di Cerignola DOCDOCPuglia
      Rubicone IGTIGTEmilia-Romagna
      Rubino di Cantavenna DOCDOCPiedmont
      Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato DOCGDOCGPiedmont
      Salento IGTIGTPuglia
      San Colombano al Lambro o San Colombano DOCDOCLombardy
      Sangue di Giuda dell’Oltrepò Pavese o Sangue di Giuda DOCDOCLombardy
      Sannio DOCDOCCampania
      Sebino IGTIGTLombardy
      Tarantino IGTIGTPuglia
      Terre Aquilane o Terre de l’Aquila IGTIGTAbruzzo
      Terre del Volturno IGTIGTCampania
      Terre di Chieti IGTIGTAbruzzo
      Terre di Veleja IGTIGTEmilia-Romagna
      Terre Lariane IGTIGTLombardy
      Val Tidone IGTIGTEmilia-Romagna
      Valle d’Itria IGTIGTPuglia
      Valsusa DOCDOCPiedmont